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Chime Journal 20

CHIME is an illustrated peer-refereed journal published jointly by CHIME and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.


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The journal contains articles on Chinese and Asian music, as well as CD, film and book reviews. The journal is peer-refereed and appears annually.


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CHIME Journal


Chief Editor:

Frank Kouwenhoven,CHIME, Leiden, The Netherlands


Book Review Editor:


Prof. Helen Rees, Dept of Ethnomusicology, University of California, Los Angeles


CD Review Editor:

Shzr Ee Tan, Dept of Music, Royal Holloway University of London

Editorial Board:


Giovanni Giuriati, Cambodian Studies, Rome

Georges Goormaghtigh, Sinology, Geneva

Barend ter Haar, Sinology, Univ. of Hamburg

David Hughes, Durham, UK

Stephen Jones, London, UK

Xiao Mei, Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Ulrike Middendorf, Sinology, Univ. of Heidelberg

Barbara Mittler, Sinology, Univ. of Heidelberg

Jonathan Stock, Ethnomusicology, Univ. of Cork

Dai Xiaolian, Shanghai Conservatory of Music 

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