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CHIME, founded in Europe in 1990, is a worldwide platform for scholars and students of Chinese music. It started life as a Research Foundation, but has now become a meeting place. Many of us have studied ethnomusicology, sinology or anthropology. Some of us are journalists, musicians, or teachers. All of us are aficionados of Chinese or East Asian music. Membership is free. Let us know your email here, and we will keep you posted about our future activities.


At our archive in Heidelberg (Germany), and at our office in Leiden (The Netherlands) Frank Kouwenhoven and his colleagues are at your disposal to answer queries about Chinese music. CHIME is a non-profit independent platform for research and promotion, ruled by a board of experts. Chime takes an open approach to musical culture. Our name and logo refer to Chinese traditional music and to a spirit of harmony.


Consult our online journal and extensive online bibliography, join our annual meetings, contribute to our online discussion platform, or simply consult our site to find out more about Chinese music. Free of any charges.


The Chime building, in the historic city centre of Leiden, The Netherlands. (Gerecht 1). This was the home of our library and audiovisual archives until our collections were moved in 2019-2021. Our books, journals and audiovisual materials are now kept at CATS, the Centre for Asian and Transcultural Studies of the University of Heidelberg. Our musical instruments were moved to the Centro Científico e Cultural de Macau (CCCM) in Lisbon, Portugal. Our international office will continue to function in Leiden. 



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