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Two-day joint CCCM/CHIME forum on Chinese music 
Lisbon, Portugal,c 29 March-2 April 2017  (cont'd)


Over the past five centuries, Portugal has maintained strong diplomatic, cultural and trade relations with China, but so far Portugal's universities with music departments (there are three of such institutions) have not paid much attention to Chinese music or musical instruments, nor has this field been tackled in any of the Portugese music conservatories and academies.


Enio de Souza and his colleagues of CCCM wish to make a case for Chinese music by setting up some small introductory forums on this topic, and by investigating possibilities for one or more long-term academic lecture series. The forums of 2016 and 2017 will be open to college and conservatory students and teachers as well as to the general public. CHIME has pledged its support for this fine initiative. We'll keep everyone posted on the Lisbon meetings, and hope to be able to welcome the CHIME community to the sun and the light of Lisbon during a major CHIME conference in 2018.

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