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Call for papers: 20th CHIME on 'Festivals' 
Los Angeles, 29 March-2 April 2017  (cont'd)


Coastal California, with its local Chinese communities, Mediterranean climate and abundance of regional art festivals, seems a fitting environment for a celebratory CHIME conference on the topic of 'Chinese and East Asian music in Festivals'. Festivals are a major framework for a good deal of ceremonial, ritual and calendrical music making in rural traditional China, and also in China's neighbouring countries.  But that is not all. Music festivals – of a different, more modern signature – have become an important part of present-day urban culture in East Asia;  and the success of a lot of Chinese and East Asian music on international stages largely depends on performances in the framework of foreign art festivals. All these facts have incited us to take up the topic and to examine in more detail the role of Chinese and East Asian music in festival contexts. We invite papers on any aspect of this theme, and would also like to invite other suitable proposals and suggestions which could turn this special edition of the annual international CHIME meeting into a festive and worthy occasion! We look forward to a good cooperation with UCLA's Confucius Institute, and we have a fine team on the ground to prepare this meeting. 


Abstracts of around 300 words are invited for twenty-minute presentations on the conference theme. Proposers may also submit panel sessions of a maximum of 120 minutes (including discussion). In this case, an abstract of around 300 words should detail the focus of the panel as a whole, with abstracts of 100-200 words for each contribution.

We also explicitly invite proposals for presentations in poster format. We view these as a full-fledged alternative to panels and individual speeches, and a very effective format to introduce research topics in more depth. The poster session works a bit like an exhibition or a 'market', with a crowd moving around freely and individually, and presenters introducing their research on posters (with photos, graphs, music notations etc), and with the help of music and film samples on laptops, and with individual explanations at greater length than one could manage within the standard 20-minute spoken paper format.  We expect to reserve a generous timeslot for the poster session (several hours or one entire afternoon), with no parallel activities taking place. With the number of presenters that may be coming to this special edition of Chime for Los Angeles, it may also be the only way to ensure that everyone with interesting data and viewpoints can be accommodated!


The deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 October, 2016. An early acceptance policy will be implemented for those in need of conference confirmation for grant or visa applications. Papers and (especially) panels addressing the theme of the conference (while referring to sufficiently specific research) are explicitly encouraged. All abstracts should be forwarded to the Programme Committee of the 20th Chime meeting, c/o Professor Helen Rees, Department of Ethnomusicology at UCLA, Email:

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