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Chime Journal, survey of contents



No.1, Spring 1990


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor - A Well-kept Secret, 3.

Kouwenhoven, Frank  – Chinese Music Research in Europe: West meets West, 5-9. Wolpert, Rembrandt F. – A Talk at the Kingston Seminar: Student of Chinese Music? 10-15.

Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet – Report on Fieldwork: Jiangsu Folk Song, 16-29.

Rees, Helen –Report on Fieldwork: Music in Northern Yunnan, 30-35. Kouwenhoven, Frank  – Chinese Music Organizations in China and Abroad, 36-40. Heteren, Lorette van  - A Foreign Student of Peking Opera in Shanghai, 41-50.

Kouwenhoven, Frank  – Music Research in China, Signs of Change, 51-58.




No.2, Autumn 1990


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor - Going there, 3

Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet  – Hundred years of Folk Song Studies in China, 4-23. Han, Kuo-Huang – Recent Developments in Minority Music Research, 24-27. Ruizendaal, Robin  – A Discovery in Fujian Province: Iron-stick Puppet Theatre, 28-42.

Wang Hong – A Collector of Narrative Song Reports on The Big Anthology of Chinese Folk Music, 43-51.

Yung, Bell – A List of 36 Music Journals in China, 52-57.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Mainland China's New Music (1): Out of the Desert, 58-93. Thrasher, Alan R. – Chinese Minority Music Cultures: The Perspective from Northern Thailand, 94-95.




No.3, Spring 1991 


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – The Advantage of the Outsider, 2-3.

Riley, Josephine, Huang Weiruo and Michael Gissenwehrer – Exorcism Theatre by an Ancient Road: North Sichuan's Tiyangxi, 4-19.

Stock, Jonathan – A Phoenix crying at Sunrise - Origins and Social Context of the Erhu, 20-31.

Picard, François – Pu'an zhou; The Musical Avatars of a Buddhist Spell, 32-37. Mittler, Barbara – Two Music Meetings in Hong Kong; Scholars discuss music of Jiang Wenye, 38-41.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Mainland China's New Music (2): Madly Singing in the Mountains, 42-75.

Dai Xiaolian – In Memory of a Great Guqin Player: Master Zhang Ziqian (1899-1991), 76-87.

Rees, Helen – An Annotated Bibliography on Shuochang (Narrative Singing), 88-96.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – A Historic Concert – Seven Young Chinese Composers Meet in Holland, 97-103.

Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet – Lectures on Chinese music at SEM, Oakland 1990, 104-110.




No.4, Autumn 1991


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – Do we pay for the music ? 2-3.

Chong, Woei Lien  – Rock Star Cui Jian, Young China’s Voice of the 1980s, 4-22. Zhang Ziozhi and Helmut Schaffrath  – China’s Mountain Songs. 23-33. Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet - In Reply to Zhang and Schaffrath's article: What about the Singers? 34-39.

Kouwenhoven, Frank - An Interview with Laurence Picken: Bringing to Life Tunes of Ancient China, 40-65.

Yang Mu – Chinese Music in Australia: Report on Research and Concert Activities, 66-71.

Ferber, Jens and Marlies Nuttebaum – Yueju, Zhejiang Opera with an All-female Cast, 72-79.

Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet – 31st World Conference of the ICTM in Hong Kong: Major Focus on Chinese Music, 79-83.

Nesna, Jelle  – Wooo Zeee! How a Film Project on Naxi Rituals Failed, 84-91. Mittler, Barbara – Twentieth-Century Chinese Compositions in the C.C.Liu Collection, 92-95.


Kouwenhoven, Frank Harrison Ryker - New Music in the Orient (1991), 96-100.




No.5, Spring 1992


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – Acculturation ? 2-3.

Jones, Stephen, Chen Kexiu, Jing Weigang and Liu Shi – Field Notes 1991: Funeral Music in Shanxi, 4-29.

Dai Xiaolian – Robert van Gulik and the Guqin Scores of the Sinological Institute, Leiden, 30-41.

Huang Bai – Haozi: Working Cries Turned into Art, a Discussion of Two Shanghai Work Songs, 42-49.

Gutzwiller, Andreas – Polyphony in Japanese Music: Rokudan for Example, 50-57. Fritsch, Ingrid – The Social Organization of Goze in Japan: Blind Female Musicians on the Road, 58-64.

Stock, Jonathan P.J. - Constructive Techniques in Music for Chinese Two-Stringed Fiddles, 65-75.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Mainland China’s New Music (3): The Age of Pluralism, 76–134.

Jones, Stephen - Wutai Shan Monks in London, 140-141.

Kouwenhoven, Frank - Ding Shande Festival, 143-144.



No.6, Spring 1993


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – Gods and Fairies, 2-3.

Thrasher, Alan R. – Bianzou: Performance Variation Techniques in Jiangnan Sizhu, 4–21.

Collinge, Ian – The Dra-nyen (the Himalayan Lute): An Emblem of Tibetan Culture, 22–33.

Rea, Dennis – A Western Musician’s View of China’s Pop & Rock Scene, 34–55. Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet & Frank Kouwenhoven – The Shanghai Conservatory of Music: History and Foreign Students' Experiences, 56–91.

Rees, Helen – Naxi Guyue of Lijiang County, Yunnan: Fieldwork on Instrumental Ensembles, 92–103.

Qiao Jianzhong – The Current Situation Regarding the Teaching of Ethnomusicology in China, 104–107.

Howard, Keith – New Views on Ethnomusicology at the 8th European Seminar in Ethnomusicology (Geneva), 108–117.

Harris, Rachel - Folk Song Festival in Gansu, 127-128

Lee, Joanna - Christian Hymns in Gansu, 128-129.

Wheeler, Nicholas - Muqam Festival in Beijing, 135-136.

Yu, Julian and Frank Kouwenhoven – [Exchange of letters on Kouwenhoven's article] The Age of Pluralism (Chime 5), 139-141.


Stock, Jonathan – Elizabeth  Wichmann: Listening to Theatre: The Aural Dimension of Beijing Opera (1991), 118–124.



No.7, Autumn 1993


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – A Chinese Renaissance ? 2-3.

Zheng Ruzhong – Musical Instruments in the Wall Painting of Dunhuang 4–56. Wells, Marnix – West River Moon: Great Music of Few Notes, 58–89.

Pratt, Keith – Change and Continuity in Qing Court Music, 90–103.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – The Tianjin Buddhist Music Ensemble’s European Tour, 104–112.

Rees, Helen - Chinese Music Papers at the 28th Annual Conference of the rOyal Musical Association, 128-129.

Jones, Stephen - Suzhou Daoists in Europe, 130-131.


Jones, Stephen – Nanguan Ballads and the Musical Culture of Fujian; the Ocora Series of Recordings, 114–120.



No.8, Spring 1995


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – Talk About Magic, 2-3.

Trewin, Mark A. – The Court Ceremonial Music of Tibet: On the History and Origin of 'Gar', 4–31.

Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet – Chinese Folk Singers in Jiangsu Province (1), Field Report from the Yangzi Delta, 32–58.

Body, Jack – Zhang Xingrong on his Fieldwork among Minorities in Southern China: "One of Yunnan's Most Unique Features is its Music", 59–66.

Yang Zhenglie – 'A Barley Pipe Becomes a Jasper Flute': The Naxi Folk Instrument Wowo, 67–75.

Micic, Peter – 'A Bit of This and a Bit of That': Notes on Pop/Rock Genres in the Eighties in China, 76–95.

Rea, Dennis – 'Balls under the Red Flag': Cui Jian Makes US Debut in Seattle, 96–98.

Jaivin, Linda – Beijing Bastards: The New Revolution, 99-103.

Evans, Christopher C. – The Shanghai Conservatory of Music: A View from the Dormitory, 104-112.

Gaywood, Harriet – Fieldwork Report: Learning Guqin in Shanghai, 113–116. Jones, Stephen – Daoism and Instrumental Music of Jiangsu, 117–146.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Operas by Qu Xiaosong and Guo Wenjing, 158-161.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Tan Dun: 'A  Comet Came Thundering', 162-164.


Stock, Jonathan –Andrew Jones – Like a Knife: Ideology and Genre in Contemporary Chinese Popular Music (1992), 147–148.




No.9, Autumn 1996


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – 'East Asian Voices': Knotty Questions, 2-3.

Mittler, Barbara - The Politics of identity in New Music from Hong Kong and Taiwan, 4–45.

Saunders, Glen – A Chinese Composer's Views on Greek Drama and Buddhism: Qu Xiaosong’s Opera ‘The Death of Oedipus’, 46–55.

Putten, Bas van – From Ritual Chant to Mahler, from Kabki to Tibet: Tan Dun’s Marco Polo, a Multi-cultural Journey, 57–62.

Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet – Chinese Folk Singers in Jiangsu (2), Field Report from the Yangzi Delta, 63–88.

Zhu Yongzhong and Kevin Stuart – Ritual Village Songs from East Qinghai: Minhe Monguor Nadun Texts, 89–105.

Deng Wei – Creative Variation in Traditional Pipa Music: How Performers Arrive at a New Version of a Piece, 106–117.

Jaivin, Linda – Hou Dejian and the Rise of Pop Music in Taiwan in the Seventies: 'What an Artist Needs Most is Courage', 118–123.

Tan Hwee-San – A Report on the 1995 Chime Meeting 'East Asian Voices', 124-131.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Storytellers know best about storytelling: NIAS Workshop On Chinese Oral Literature, Denmark, 132-135.

Jones, Stephen – Taiwanese Groups Promote Nanguan: The Han Tang Yuehfu Tour of Europe, 1996, 136–137.

Kouwenhoven, Frank - Festival Présences, Paris, 164-165.


Riley, Jo – Erhard Rossner and Rudolf M. Brandl (eds), Nuo Geistermasken aus Anhui (China) (1991), 138–140.

Harris, Rachel –Du Yaxiong, Zhongguo ge minzu minjian yinyue gaishu (1993), 141-142.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Stephen Jones, Folk Music of China: Living Instrumental Traditions (1995); J. Lawrence Witzleben - 'Silk and Bamboo' Music in Shanghai, The Jiangnan Sizhu Instrumental Tradition (1995), 143–146.




Nos.10-11, 1997 [double issue]


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – Barbarian Pipes Forever: Some thoughts on Chinese culture and nationalism, 3–7.

Kouwenhoven, Frank and Antoinet Schimmelpenninck – Guo Wenjing; A Composer’s Portrait: ‘The Strings Going Hong Hong Hong  and the Percussion Bong Kèèh  – That’s My Voice!’, 8–49.

Cheng Yu – The Precarious State of the Qin in Contemporary China: The Beijing Guqin  Research Association, 50–62.

Zhu Yongzhong, Qi Huimin and Kevin Stuart – Minhe Mangghuer Kugurjia sSongs – ‘Mirror-bright Hearts and Poor Lives’, 62–78.

Yu Hui – Discontinuity in Guqin Temperament Prior to the 15th Century: An Investigation of Temperament of Guqin Music as Evidenced in Shen Qi Mi Pu, 79–110.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – New Chinese Operas by Qu Xiaosong, Tan Dun and Guo Wenjing, 111–122.

Chow Yiu Fai and Jeroen de Kloet – Sounds From the Margin: Beijing Rock Scene Faces an Uncertain Future, 123–128.

Rea, Dennis – China Witnesses a Sudden Vogue for Jazz: The Land Tour and the Emergence of Jazz in China, 129–138.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Lively exchange during ‘East Asian Strings’: Report on the 3rd International Chime meeting, 139–144.

Zhang Xingrong – A New Discovery: Traditional 8-part Polyphonic Singing of the Hani of Yunnan, 145–152.

Li Wei – Life Cycle Rituals and Their Music among the Mosuo of Yongning, 153–156.

Lancashire, Terrence – For Gods or Men: Changing Faces of Iwami kagura, 157–171.

Picken, Laurence, Noel Nickson and Marnix Wells – ‘West River Moon’: A Song-melody Predicted by a Lute-piece in Piba Tablature, 172–185.


Harris, rachel – Jonathan Stock, Musical Creativity in Twentieth-Century China: Abing, His Music, and Its Changing Meanings (1996), 186–188.


Cheng Yu, Julian Joseph and Frank Kouwenhoven – Music Beyond Sound. The Silk String Zither. John Thompson, guqin (Toadall Sound, 1997), 189–194.

Rees, Helen – Dongjing Music in Yunnan (JVC, 1995), Vols 1 and 2; 195–196.

Jones, Stephen – Xi’an Drums Music (Xi’an guyue) (Hugo, 1993), 197–199.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Tan Dun: Ghost Opera, Kronos Quartet (Warner, 1996); Tan Dun: Out of Peking Opera (Ondine, 1997); Tan Dun: Marco Polo (Sony, 1996); Tan Dun: Symphony 1997 (Sony, 1997), 200–202.

Kouwenhoven, Frank - Urna Chahartugchi: Tal Nutag (Songs from the Mongolian Grassland), (Klangräume, 1995); Crossing: Urna Chahartugchi et al (Klangräume, 1997); Zanskar, Robert Zollitsch, solos and duos for zither (Klangråume, 1993); Traditional Chinese music for sheng: Wu Wei (Melisma music, Wiesbaden, 1997); 203–205.


Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet –  Carole Pegg: ‘Half a Life: a Zoologist’s Quest for Music. The life and work of Dr. Laurence Picken (video, 1986, Cambridge Museum of Archaeology /Anthropology), 213–214.

Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet – ‘Broken Silence’ [1995, Scarabee Films, film documentary on new Chinese music), 214–215.




Nos.12-13, 1998 [double issue]


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – Music in Cities, Music in Villages, 4–7.

Duchesne, Isabelle  – ‘Flavour/Taste’ in the Vocal Music of Jingxi (Peking Opera), 8–28.

Hansson, Anders – What Was Wrong with Chinese Opera ? Criticism of Opera in the Ming and Early Qing periods, 29–40.

Wells, Marnix – Three-line Tail Sounds. The Operatic Three-line Coda, 41–69.

Du Yaxiong – Shaonian, Courtship Songs from Northwest China - A Tradition Shared by Many Ethnic Groups, 70–86.

Zevik, Emma and Zou Xiangping – Sichuan Street Songs. The Everyday Cries of Street Vendors in Chengdu, 87–97.

Olivova, Lucie – Storytelling in Yangzhou - Impressions from the 18th Century Book Yangzhou Huafang Lu, 98–108.

Knapp, Alexander – The Current State of Research Into the Religious Music of the Kaifeng Jews, 109–115.

Gild, Gerlinde – Early 20th Century ‘Reforms’ in Chinese Music. Dreams of Renewal Inspired by Japan and the West, 116–123.

Dai Xiaolian – A Study of the Guqin Piece Meihua San Nong  (‘Plum Blossom ’), 124–141.

Utz, Christian – ‘Extreme Cross-over, Extremely Personal Music’ – Tan Dun's Art for a New generation; Interview, 142–150.

Steen, Andreas – Buddhism & Rock Music – A New Music Style ? 151–164. Butterley, Nigel – Alley in Wellington: Jack Body’s Opera ‘Alley’: A New Zealander in Revolutionary China, 165–169.

Du Yaxiong – Gansu ‘Flower Songs’ Bloom in Wellington. Chinese Folk Singers Perform in an Avant-garde Opera, 170–174.

Tarocco, Francesca – Report: the 4th International Chime Meeting, Heidelberg, 175–180.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – From Mahler to China: the Heidelberg Concerts and Luo Zheng’s Oil Paintings, 181–186.


Nancy Yunhwa Rao and Christian Utz – Barbara Mittler, Dangerous Tunes. The Politics of Chinese Music in Hong Kong, Taiwan & the PRC since 1949 (1997),187–194.

Kuzay, Stefan – Bell Yung, Evelyn Rawski & Rubie S. Watson (eds, Harmony and Counterpoint, Ritual Music in Chinese Context (1996), 195–198.

Lai, Eric – Du Yaxiong, Zhongguo minzu jiben yueli (1995), 199–200. Kouwenhoven, Frank – Joseph Lam, State Sacrifices and Music in Ming China (1998), 201–203.

Evans, Christopher – Bell Yung, Celestial Airs of Antiquity. Music of the  Seven-String Zither (1997), 203–205.

Schimmelpenninck, Antoinet – V. Børdahl, The Oral Tradition of Yangzhou Storytelling (1996); V. Børdahl, The Eternal Storyteller: Oral Literature in Modern China (1999), 206– 208.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Jo Riley, Chinese Theatre and the Actor in Performance (1997), 208–210.


Jones, Stephen – Da Desheng: Jinbei Guyue / Triumphal Command: Wind and Percussion Music of Northern Shanxi (Hugo, 1997), 211-212.

Kloet, Jeroen de – Candy Lo’s Miao (Sony, 1998) and Anita Mui’s Larger than Life (Capital Arts Ltd, Hong Kong, 1999), 212–215.

Steen, Andreas – Zang Tianshuo: Pengyou (Friend), (Colorway, 1996), 215–216. Bhattacharya, Claudine – Anthology of World Music: North Indian Classical Music (Unesco, 1998), 216–217.




Nos.14–15, 1999 / 2000 [double issue]


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – Too Close for Comfort, 5–7.

Tian Qing – The Sinicization of Buddhist Music. (Part I), 8–30.

Hughes, David –‘Soran Bushi’: the Many Lives of a Japanese Folksong, 31–47.

Harris, Rachel – From Shamanic Ritual to Karaoke: The (Trans)migrations of a Chinese Folksong, 48–60.

Nygren, Christina – Report from a Chinese Village: A Travelling Threatre Group in rural Shanxi, 61–69.

Shzr Ee Tan – The Real Amis Enigma: Life History of a Taiwanese Aboriginal Musician, 70–81.

Brösicke, Blandina – The Ideal of Sound in Fujian Nanyin, 82–88.

Lee, Joanna – Interview with Composer Han Yong, 89–102.

Micic, Peter – Pop ‘n Rock Loan Words and Neologisms in the PRC.

Steen, Andreas –  Zhou Xuan: ‘When Will the Gentleman Come Back Again ?’ 124–153.

Tan Hwee-San – 35th ICTM Meeting 1999 in Hiroshima, 154–157.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Report on 5th CHIME meeting in Prague, 158–163.

Su Zheng and Stephen Jones – A Meeting in Memory of Yang Yinliu: ‘Musicology in China’, Beijing, 1999, 164–166.

Tan Hwee-San – Report on the International Buddhist Music Conference, Taipei, 167–170.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Asian Theatre, Hobby Horses and Throat Singing: IIAS-CHIME Meeting, Leiden, 2000, 171–180.

Book Reviews:

Lee Tong Soon – Terry E. Miller and Sean Williams, eds, The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Volume 4: Southeast Asia (1998), 181–182.

Krause, Carsten – M.Claus-Bachmann, Mahayana-buddhistische Liturgie im heutigen Indonesien – Musikkulturelle Überlieferung chinesischer Migranten (1998), 183–184.

Micic, Peter – Zhongguo yinyue wenwu daxi [Compendium of Chinese Music Antiquities] (1996-2006), 185–186.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Christina Nygren, Gastar, generaler och gäckande gudinnor; resande teatersälskap, religiösa festivaler och populära nöjen i dagens Japan och Kina (2000), 187–188.

Deng Wei – John Myers, The Way of the Pipa: Structure and Imagery in Chinese Lute Music (1992), 188–189.

Stock, Jonathan – Bell Yung and Joseph S. C. Lam, eds, Themes and Variations: Writings on Music in Honor of Rulan Chao Pian (1994), 180–191.

CD Reviews:

Tarocco, Francesca – Chine / Fanbai / Chant liturgique bouddhique (3 Vols, Ocora, 1989, 1992, 1996)), 192–194.

Galliano, Luciana and Frank Kouwenhoven – Messe des Jesuites de Pekin / Concert Baroque à la Cité Interdite (Pedrini and Amiot) (Auvidis cds, 1998, 1996), 194–197.

Harris, Rachel – Hong Meigui, Xinjiang Qiyue (The Red Rose, Xinjiang Instrumental Music), Mukam Art Troupe of Xinjiang (Hugo, 1998); Ni Buyao Haiwo: Xinjiang Min'ge (Don't Torment Me, ear: Xinjiang Folk Songs), Mukam Art Troupe of Xinjiang (Hugo, 1998), 198–199.

Kloet, Jeroen de – [Chinese Rock Cds on the Label Modern Sky]: NO - Missing Master; Sober – Very Good !?; Supermarket – The Look, 199–203.





Nos.16–17, 2005 [double issue]


Kouwenhoven, Frank - From the Editor – Towards an 'Early Music Movement' in China, 1–6.

Thrasher, Alan R. – The Changing Musical Traditions of the Taipei Confucian Ritual, 7-33.

Yang Hon-Lun – ‘Angry Young Old Man’ Wang Xilin’s Symphonic Odyssey:

‘My Path is More Difficult than Tan Dun’s’, 34-56.          

Wang Zhengting – How to Improve the Sheng as a Concert Instrument ? A Modern

Player’s Perspective, 57-71.

Taylor, Jeremy – Images of the Hometown: The Clash of City and Village in

Taiwanese Popular Songs, 72-87.                                          

Bender, Mark – ‘Assistant’ Tanci Storytellers: Personal Narratives and Insights, 88-102.

Middendorf, Ulrike – Many Wasted Years in the World of Theatre? The Fate of Spring Willow Society and the ‘Enlightened Theatre’ Movement as Remembered by the Actor Ouyang Yuqian, 103-126.

Lam Ching Wah – Jean-Joseph-Marie Amiot’s Writings on Music: A Highlight of

French Jesuit Scholarship in China, 127-147.

Hansson, Anders - The Return of Yellow Music, 148-179.

Ferguson, Daniel L. – Cantonese Opera Performance in Rural and Urban Contexts, 180-191.

Kagaya, Shinko – Chinese Patterns of Reception of Japanese Theatre During the Time of Modernization, 192-203.

Andrew Killick – Changgeuk: A Hybrid Popular Musical Theatre of Korea, 204-215.  


Wells, Marnix - Laurence E.R. Picken et al, Music from the Tang Court 7 (2000), 216-218.

Tan Hwee-San - Deborah Wong, Sounding the Centre: History and Aesthetics in Thai Buddhist Performance (2001), 219-222.

Morcom, Anna - Kiela Diehl, Echoes from Dharamsala: Music in the Life of a Tibetan Refugee Community (2002), 223-225.

Staden, Maya-Matthea van­ – Carole Pegg, Mongolian Music, Dance and Oral Narrative: Performing Diverse Identities (2001), 225--231.

Tan Shzr-Ee – Helen Rees, Echoes of History: Naxi Music in Modern China (2000), 231-232.

Jones, Stephen – Alan R. Thrasher, Chinese Musical Insruments (2000), 233-234.

Micic, Peter – Wang Shixiang, Beijing Pigeon Whistles (2000), 234-235.

Micic, Peter – Qian Renkang, Xuetang Yuege Kaoyuan [An Investigation into teh Origins of School Songs] (2001), 235-236.

Micic, Peter – Xiao Mei, Tianyede Huisheng: Yinyue Renleixue Biji [Echoes in the Field: Notes on Musical Anthropology] (2001), 236-238.

Wu Fan – Zhang Zhentao, Yizhong Xiangcun Lisu Zhongde Guchui Yueshe [Village Rituals of music Associations in Rural Areas of Hebei Province] (2002), 238-239.

Xie Sui – Ju Qihong, Xin Zhongguo Yinyueshi [A History of Music in China: 1949-2000] (2002), 239

Tate, Aaron Phillip – Vibeke Børdahl and Jette Ross, Chinese Storytellers, Life and Art in the Yangzhou Tradition (2002), 240-241.


Han Mei – Hugo's Window on the World of Chinese Zheng [The Art of Zheng Music, and The Treasury of Zheng Music, two on-going series of hugo cds], 242-245.

Chen Mon-Shan – Wen Loong-Hsing: Beyond the Moon and Tidal (Taipei 2000), 246-247.

Kouwenhoven, Frank – Liu Fang and arhan Sabbagh: Musique arabe et chinoise (Philmultic, 2000), 247-248.

Joseph, Julian – Chen Wen: Xian Wai Zhi Yin [Music from Beyond the Strings] (Qingshan Art Studio, 2000), 248. 



Nos.18–19, 2013 [double issue]


From the Editor  Father and Son. 1

Alison M. Friedman  Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Carving Out Space for Modern Dance in China. 7

Beth Szczepanski  Ghost Festival Rituals: Redeeming Hungry Ghosts, Preserving Musical Heritage. 37

Rembrandt F Wolpert  Táng Music Theory of Ritual Calendrical Transposition Applied. 67

Elizabeth J. Markham  Conceptualizing Musical Space for Ritual ‘Afterlife Music’ in Early Japanese Buddhist liturgy. 83

Hong-yu Gong  Pr

otestant Missionaries and School Music Education in Late Qing China: The Case of Julia B. Mateer. 101

John Winzenburg  Navigating the Fragrant Musical Harbour: Cultural Identity and Fusion Concertos in ‘Postcolonial’ Hong Kong. 135



Catherine Ingram - Francesca R. Sborgi Lawson: The Narrative Arts of Tianjin: Between Music and Language.  169

Helen Rees - Håkan Lundström: I Will Send My Song: Kammu Vocal Genres in the Singing of Kam Raw.  Håkan Lundström with Damrong Tayanin: Kammu Songs – The Songs of Kam Raw.  174

Hsin-Chun Tasaw - Lu  Robin Ruizendaal and Wang Hanshun: Asian Theatre Puppets: Creativity, Culture and Craftsmanship: From the Collection of Paul Lin.  176

Enrico Rossetto  Stephen Jones: Ritual and Music of North China Vol.1 Shawm Bands in Shanxi. / Vol.2. Shaanbei  172/222

Ulrike Middendorf  - Jonathan Stock: Huju: Traditional Opera in Modern Shanghai.  180

Helen Rees - Mark Bender: Plum and Bamboo: China’s Suzhou Chantefable Tradition. 189

Chuen-Fung Wong - Marc L. Moskowitz: Cries of Joy, Songs of Sorrow: Chinese Pop Music and Its Cultural Connotations. 191


Andreas Steen - Dennis Rea: Live at the Forbidden City: Musical Encounters in China & Taiwan. 193

Andreas Steen - Andrew Jones: Yellow Music: Media Culture and Colonial Modernity in the Chinese Jazz Age. 196

Andreas Steen - Jeroen de Kloet: Red Sonic Trajectories. Popular Music and Youth in Urban China. 201

Eric Lai - Peter M. Chang: Chou Wen-chung: The Life and Work of a Contemporary Chinese-Born American Composer. 204

Barbara Mittler - Christian Utz: Neue Musik und Interkulturalität von John Cage bis Tan Dun. 207

Helen Rees - Georges Goormaghtigh: Le chant du pêcheur ivre: Écrits sur la musique des lettrés chinois. 211

Barend ter Haar - Victor H. Mair & Mark Bender (Eds.): The Columbia Anthology of Chinese Folk & Popular Literature 213

Frank Kouwenhoven - Liu Ching-chih: A Critical History of New Music in China. 217




No. 20, 2016


From the editor - The new Beethovens 1

Interconnectedness in the Story House: Gesture and Interaction in Live Suzhou Ping-tan Performance 11 

Inheritance of Faith: Yunnan Dongjing (religious scripture) performance in Datun 31 

A Chengdu Field Research Report: The Lively ‘Torch Troupes’ of Sichuan Opera 69 

The Drunken Dotard Refrain – A rhythmic Rosetta Stone 85 

Dòngzú shèhuì jiégòu biànqiān yǔ gā lǎo gēchàng chuántǒng de bǎohù kùnjìng [Structural Changes in Dong Ethnic Society and the Preservation of Ga Lao (Kgal Laox)traditional songs] (in Chinese) 106 

Shànghǎi yīnyuè xuéyuàn ‘dāngdài yīnyuè zhōu’ (2008~2014) [The Shanghai Conservatory of Music ‘Contemporary Music Week’ 2008-2014] (in Chinese) 141 


Book reviews

Keith Howard, ed. – Music as Intangible Cultural Heritage: Policy, Ideology and Practice in the Preservation of East Asian Traditions. 143 

Stephen Jones – In Search of the Folk Daoists 

of North China. 147 

Rachel Harris, Rowan Pease, and Shzr Ee Tan, eds. Gender in Chinese Music. 149 


CD & Media reviews Announcements 

Lu Hsin-chun (Hsin-chun Tasaw Lu) – Wèi tuìshǎi de jīnbìhuīhuáng – miǎndiàn gǔdiǎn yīnyuè chuántǒng de zàixiàn yǔ xiàndài xìng. [‘Unfaded Splendour: Representation and Modernity 

of the Burmese Classical Music Tradition’]. 150 

Tang Yating – Dìguó fēisàn biànzòuqǔ–shànghǎi gōng bùjú yuèduì shǐ (1879-1949). [Variations of Imperial Diasporas – A History of the Shanghai Municipal Orchestra 

(1879-1949)]. 153 

Koo Siu-sun and Diana Yue – Writings on the Theory of 

Kun Qu Singing. 158 

Donna Lee Kwon – Music in Korea: Experiencing Music, 

Expressing Culture. 159 

Frank Kouwenhoven and James Kippen, eds. – Music, Dance and the Art of Seduction. 162 

Helen Rees ed. – Lives in Chinese Music 167 

Tian Qing – Chán yǔ lè [Zen and Music]. (in Chinese) 170 

About the authors 


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