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Unique event: a seminar for music critics at the Central Conservatory (cont'd)


Some 100 musicologists, composition students, performers and journalists from all over China joined a dense programme of presentations, performances and debates, and the atmosphere was generally congenial and constructive. The idea was to find meaningful links between such fields as modern composition, music psychology, music aesthetics and music sociology.


Contributions were offered by composers Gao Weijie, Jia Daqun, Jia Guoping, Tang Jianping, Dieter Mack (from Lübeck, Germany), Hao Weiya, Mo Fan, Li Binyang, Lin Fangyi (from Taiwan), Xiang Min, and Qin Wenchen, musicologists and music historians like Wang Cizhao, Ju Qihong, Song Jing, Luo Qin, Ke Yang, Qian Renping, Zhang Huaying, Joseph Lam (from Michigan University USA), Dai Jiafang, Hai Zhen, Ming Yan, Frank Kouwenhoven (Chime Foundation, Leiden, The Netherlands), Torsten Müller (Folkwang Art University, Essen), performers like Lan Weiwei (pipa), the Contempo Ensemble from Beijing, pianists Xie Ya Ou and Xie Ya Shuangzi, and music journalists and critics like Frank Hilberg (Germany), Yang Yandi (Shanghai Conservatory), Zhang Meng, editor of the journal Renmin Yinyue (People's Music), Wen Yonghong and Gao Fuxiao, vice-editors of the Zhongyang yinyue xueyuan xuebao, music journal of the Central Conservatory, Chen Quanyou, vice-editor of the journal Yinyue yanjiu (Music Study) in Beijing and many others. The project was generously supported by the China National Arts Fund and the Goethe Institute in Beijing. It is to be expected and hoped that proceedings from the seminar will be published eventualy, and that this initiative will get a committed follow-up in the near future.

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