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Meeting on Chinese folk music theory
in honour of Yuan Jinfang, Beijing, May 2016 (cont'd)

The three-day meeting will be sponsored and jointly hosted by the Central Conservatory of Music and various Departments within the Conservatory, including the Buddhist Music Culture Research Centre. Conference topics will be the current heritage of traditional Chinese music theory, new developments in this realm, and Professor Yuan Jingfang's own contributions in this realm , as captured in her major publications such as 'National Instrumental Music' (1987), 'Chinese instruments' (for which she acted as chief editor, 1991), 'The Chinese Buddhist Music of Beijing' (1997), 'The Daoist ritual music of Julu (Hebei)' (1998), and other writings. Scholars interested in joining this event can contact Professor Zhang Boyu, who coordinates the organizing team, via email:

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